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Nancy Bingham

This happened to my mom and we all still giggle. She ran into a compnany to run and errand while my dad waited in the car. When she ran back out she hopped into what she thought was there car. As she sat down the gentleman in the driver's seat said, "I don't mean to scare you mam, but I think you are in the wrong car." My dad was parked behind this car watching. Hahahaha!

Brandice Bringhurst

Oh my. I was with a large youth group and we had been having a water fight. Everyone was soaked and we decided to take a group picture. I had the camera, set it up on a tripod, and positioned everyone up a sloping hill. I was wearing baggy jeans that were drenched and SO heavy. I set the timer, pressed the shutter button, then (sort of) ran up the hill to take my position in the photo. Everyone was totally silent because they were smiling and waiting for the picture to take, so it was so loud when I sat down quickly, and all the air that had billowed up from running in my loose heavy wet jeans came out in a rush of spurts that sounded just like a giant whoopie cushion! It seemed like the "gas pass" that went on forever! I could have died. And then the shutter clicked. I have the picture, and of course everyone in the photo is laughing way hard, except for me -- I look horrified! At least I got everyone smiling at the same time! (at my expense -- bummer!)

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